— Deen Seth

There are so many apps out there that can be used as mouse and keyboard.  But none support Windows 8 gesture yet.  This can be a next step to improve smart phone mouse apps.

Windows 8 provides many cool trackpad gesture for non-touchscreen computers.  Synaptics had a nice demonstration that show the capability of Windows 8.  It’s seems to be pretty confusing, I hope but if the trackpad is responsive enough it can be usable.  I tried Synaptic’s Scrybe but didn’t fine it useful at all because it’s slower than clicking things that are pin on the task bar.

Since I might not buy a new laptop soon but may upgrade to Windows 8 when it comes out.  I will need a device that let me use Windows 8 gesture.  I am not sure if Apple Magic Touchpad will work.  But since I already have iPod, it would be great if the Air mouse can support it.  I would pay for this.   I think there is a market for this.  It may help Microsoft sell more Windows Phone if this feature come with new Windows phones.

Microsoft has a big potential to provide a complete ecosystem for consumer computing.  I hope they can deliver.  With combination of Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox it can delivery pretty amazing ecosystem.  Since many people are in for a Tablet the desktop market may be shrink a little but it may enable the market of home server.  The desktop/laptop has to do more to make people buy them more often.  I replace my computer every 4 years or more but I see people change table every one or two years.

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I am a big fan of Acura’s design.  I like the MDX and TL lines.  The new NSX 2013 concept blows me away.  I used to like Ferreri’s design in the past such as F40 and F430 but lately they don’t do as good job as Lamborghini recent models such as Murciélago and Gallardo.

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The big news of the week is the Facebook IPO.  The company is valued at $100 Billion which is worth more than Amazon or Cisco!  Dropbox is releasing new feature to let us upload photo from our cameras or phones to the cloud.  I do hope that in the future we can just do it directly from the camera through Wi-Fi instead of plugin it into the computer.  Google+ does have this feature on Android phones and Apple provides this feature on iOS devices to their iCloud service.

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As I try to improve the data entry step at the silent auction for the Universal Merit Night 2011, I decide to try using Google Form. Here are my requirements.

  1. I want to use iPhone/iPod to enter bidder id, item id and final price.
  2. I want the iphone to show numpad instead of the keyboard
  3. User should not have to click to go back to the form. (Google form, by default, will show a thank you page when user submit a form)
  4. Multiple people should be able to fill out the form
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My proposal for  Google Summer of Code 2010 was accepted.  This will keep my summer busy along with my dissertation work.


Open Source Software (OSS) projects and systems have become significant parts of the software economy. The sustainability of an OSS project depends largely on community contributions; especially patch (source code and document change) contributions. The patch contribution process is very important to OSS projects because it is the primary quality assurance mechanism, enables learning and knowledge transfer in software projects, and provides an opportunity for recruiting developers. Nevertheless, there are several barriers to contribution to mature OSS projects. Patch contribution is time consuming and slow. Patches are often lost, ignored, under-reviewed, or avoidably rejected. Moreover, for contributors participating in multiple projects differences in processes and tools can create confusion and increase learning time. A systematic understanding of the patch contribution process is required in order to determine key problems and improve the process.

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Abstract. The use of open source software has become a part of accepted business strategies. A primary strength of open source software is its leverage of outside innovation. All are free to take open source software and use it, evaluate it, repair it, and add new capabilities.

One perceived risk of using open source software components in commercial systems is open source project sustainability. It would be expensive for the project supporting a critical open source component to fail midway through the life cycle of a commercial product. Many commercial organizations reduce this risk by contributing to the open source projects that they use. However, the “contribution barrier” for successful open source software projects is high, especially for commercial contributors. This barrier has technical and social components, both of which are exacerbated by minimal attention paid to good management practices.

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These lectures provide an overview of how to contribute to the Mozilla projects.  It is part of  Topics in Open source course at Seneca College, Toronto.  Thanks to Mehrdad Nurolahzade for pointing it out to me.  These

Mozilla Lecture: The Mozilla Community (1 of 2)

Mozilla Lecture: The Mozilla Community (2 of 2)

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